The main scenes of the film were the principal source of inspiration for the design of the rooms: they are decorated with dolls looking like the main characters, unique photos from the shooting stage with autographs and best wishes from the director of the film White Sun of the Desert Vladimir Motyl who was the honourable guest and the friend of the restaurant.

All the year round in the aryks (open artificial ponds) of the restaurant you can see starlets which our chefs cook according to their signature Uzbek and Chinese recipes. If they wish, our guests can choose or even catch the starlet the like.

In summer White Sun of the Desert traditionally opens its cozy patio looking on the historical Neglinnaya Street. The restaurant also has a common green courtyard with Uzbekistan restaurant where one can hear our fantastic peacocks singing. Even during the hottest days it is fresh and comfortable in here thanks to a modern air-conditioner. Our guests can watch dishes being cooked on the barbecue and tandoor on both summer patios.