Celebration to every taste

Uzbekistan Catering has been successfully operating for 8 years. We can organize every event ‒ private country party or a spectacular wedding, coffee-break or barbecue. Uzbekistan Catering comes up with ideas, elaborates them, calculate the expenses and then organize the event. You only job is to enjoy it.

Uzbekistan Catering menu includes exquisite Uzbek, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Italian and Russian dishes. The wide range of high-quality services is our company’s trademark. Chefs and waiters invited for catering all work at Uzbekistan restaurant. Our team will find a way to satisfy the taste of every guest.

Range of additional services
  • professional belly dancing
  • gastronomic show “Black lamb on a spit” and chef pilaf workshop
  • an arrangement of a hookah zone and a Syrian hookah master
  • flower designer services
  • elaboration of a program with a host, Russian and foreign stars
  • sound and light equipment
  • sommelier services
  • child’s celebrations

A free festive chef cake for all the catering events!

You can always consult our managers: +7 (925) 518-72-68

Airline catering

We offer a wide range of services for business class airlines.

Besides Uzbek, Arabic, Azerbaijani and Chinese dishes we can prepare any dish you like.

Cooking techniques are elaborated with regard of all the problems of airline meals. While delivered and served on board our meals preserve their taste and flavour.

We also offer special meals for airline crews and are ready to offer you meals for all budgets.

You can always consult our managers: +7 (925) 518-72-68