Today in the menu of White Sun of the Desert restaurant you can find Uzbek, Arabic, Azerbaijani and Chinese dishes. The trademark and decoration of our restaurant is a an oriental buffet called “dastarkhan”. Dastarkhan is a tree which is full of apples and butterflies or sometimes flowers, and in winter the branches are covered with white snow. There you can find various oriental starters, preserves, pickles and pastry.

We cook all our dishes according to the national and ancient eastern traditions: shish kebab is prepared only on a charcoal grill (even in winter) and is served on a tripod called “taganchik” together with hot coals. All the day round flatbread is cooked in a clay tandoor.

Some national dishes are prepared in front of guests, for example, a juicy mountain lamb marinated in cognac with spice is roasted on a hunting spit. The lamb wrapped in foil is revolving over scorching coals for several hours, then chefs take it off and carry it across the whole courtyard inviting everyone to taste its delicate aromatic meat.

Noodles are hand-made. It is a very subtle art and it is considered that noodles absorb the warmth of a master’s hands. Cooking a real Uzbek pilaf is an ancient tradition in itself and can be considered art. In White Sun of the Desert restaurant pilaf is cooked from special kinds of rice strictly observing the proportions. The secret that requires special skill is to make a pilaf light, easy to digest. In our restaurant pilaf is served by a chef who can tell a guest the story and explain the uniqueness of this national dish.